Plan Your Wedding Like a Boss With The Bridechilla Guides

Whoever says wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding! Based on the hit podcast, Bridechilla, the Bridechilla Guides are bullshit-free, optimistic, ballsy and fun. Ditch the quest for planning a perfect day and instead plan the day that you want with The Bridechilla Guides

Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Learn how to plan with the Survival Guide

The Bridechilla Survival Guide covers everything from dealing with wedding donors, parents who give you money, to ditching obligation guests and what to put in the fuck it bucket.

Bridechilla Wedding Planning Field Guide

Stay Organized with the Field Guide

With hundreds of helpful questions to ask vendors, checklists and timelines, The Bridechilla Field Guide will help you stay organised, know what to do and when and maintain your wedding planning chill. 


The Only Wedding Planning Guides You Need

The Bridechilla guides are inclusive and floral-free. They don't contain references to ‘perfection’ or planning ‘the best day of your life’. Whether this is your first marriage or fourth, you will find value, guidance and wedding planning chill in these pages.

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