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January 01, 2019 2 min read

Sometimes it's the idea that seems too simple, too easy to make any difference that is the thing that you need to hear.
They become this beacon of hope that things can change and you start to see things in a way that works for you.
That's how I feel about sharing the concept of the FIB... the f*ck it bucket. When people get it/embrace it/add it to their lives. Big things happen. 

The FIB can and will change your wedding planning game.

For many Bridechillas and Groomchillas, the FIB is the thing that they tell their friends about that then leads them to discover Bridechilla. 
The FIB is something that, when embraced, will help you ditch wedding stress and worry and instead get you to focus on what matters the most.  
Sounds too simple, yes?
That's because it is.

So, what is the FIB? Is it an actual bucket?

The Bridechilla Podcast episode about the FIB (episode 286) is my most popular episode EVER. You can listen below, right now. 
In it, I explain how you can use the FIB to change your perspective on planning, AND save money and time.

In short, the FIB is like a big valve that releases wedding planning stress.  
It's permitting yourself to not worry about the things that don't matter, even when the wedding magazines and Pinterest (and maybe your Mom) are saying that they do. 

The FIB is where you put all of the jobs, expectations, and things you thought where vital, like the stuff you needed to buy or do but have run out of time and energy to care.
These items and tasks are things you thought would be necessary at the early stages of planning but now…bye! 👋🏼

Putting things in the FIB is one of the most cathartic exercises ever. It will help you just let go and move on. 

Sound good?

Get our free FIB Cheatsheet

If you would like some FIB inspo, click on the image below to download our free FIB cheatsheet.

Want the whole big FIB list? You can find it in the Bridechilla Survival Guide!

The Bridechilla FIB Cheatsheet