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What is a Bridechilla?

January 01, 2019 2 min read

What is a Bridechilla?

Being a Bridechilla is about staying present and positive while saying fuck it to the shouldas,couldas and wouldas.  

It's about taking control of your wedding planning, ditch the wedstress and get things done. It's about enjoying the process but not becoming so caught up with it all that you miss out on 'non-wedding life'. 

Check out the Bridechilla Glossary to get you started

The feeling of overwhelm that is sometimes connected to wedding planning. Feeling like your to-do list will never end. You often find yourself packing a 'go bag' in hope that you and your partner will elope instead of having to plan a wedding. 

Ugly chair condoms that are often made out of shiny lycra and may or may not also feature a large bow. Bridechilla believes they are a waste of money and belong in the trash. 'Fuck Chair covers' is heard often on The Bridechilla Podcast.

People who you think you should invite to your wedding but don't want to invite but feel pressure to do so anyway.
These people include work friends, parent's friends, distant relatives and people you invited when you were drunk. 

Where you put traditions, wedding tasks, pressure and unfinished DIY projects that you thought were important but are actually not. Throwing these things in the fuck it bucket is both empowering and fun. Try it. You'll never look back. 

Parents, friends and relatives who have offered to contribute financially to your wedding, which is nice but these contributions can be used as a way to guilt and persuade you to plan the wedding that they think you should have. Aleisha calls this 'conditional generosity'. 

What you will become when you join the Bridechilla Community, listen to the Bridechilla Podcast and read the Bridechilla Guides.  A Chilla ditches wedstress in the fuck it bucket and focuses on what matters the most!


  • A Bridechilla is compassionate and calm.
  • Understands that perfection isn’t actually a thing
  • Challenges traditions that are meaningless to her
  • Knows that her wedding day will be memorable but also that there will be many more ‘best days of their life’ too.
  • Cares about the opinions of loved ones but isn’t driven by them
  • Is the sort of person that says ‘Fuck chair covers’ and doesn’t worry about details that none of her guests will even notice.
  • Is empowered by strong women and people!
  • Doesn’t put other Bridechillas down to feel better about themselves
  • Isn’t driven by obligations or old promises
  • Will never fake smile on their wedding day
  • Accepts support and help when they need it
  • Has a life outside of wedding planning
  • Commits time to look after their mind and body
  • Doesn’t yell to get their point across
  • Deflects other people’s wedding-related dramas
  • Won’t change to conform to look a certain way
  • A Bridechilla supports other Bridechillas and embraces our differences (and similarities)
  • You are a Bridechilla