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Bridechilla Wedding Planning Guide Pack

Start your wedding planning off with The Bridechilla Pack. Get the best Wedding planning duo in town and a pack of sassy Bridechilla Pencils!
Featuring The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide, it’s a guaranteed fast track to ditching wedstress and becoming a Bridechilla or Groomchilla! BUY TOGETHER & SAVE $14.

What is in the pack?

Bridechilla Field Guide - RRP $29.00

The Bridechilla Field Guide contains all the lists, questions to ask vendors and logistical details you need to plan your wedding without losing your chill. 

Bridechilla Survival Guide - RRP $29.00

Whoever says wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding. The Bridechilla Survival Guide banishes the bullshit and features real advice for real people on real budgets. 

Happy Days Pencils - RRP $5.00

Featuring Bridechilla host Aleisha's favorite sayings, ‘Fuck Perfect’, ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Chilla’, they’re the real companion to the Bridechilla Field guide!


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