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Maidchilla Manual- Bridesmaid Guide, Planner & Orgnaizer

How to be a bad-ass Bridesmaid, ditch the drama and get sh*t done!

The Bridesmaid Guide- Maidchilla Manual is the ultimate Bridesmaid how-to guide, planner and organizer (and gift!) taking you through all of the pre-wedding events, and providing calming mantras and solutions to any potential ‘people problems’ that may come your way and has plenty of space for personalized notes and lists. 

Give your Bridesmaids the gift of chill and help them help you
in the process!

The Bridesmaid Guide- Maidchilla Manual Features

    • Checklists and timelines of all potential pre-wedding events
    • Plenty of space for notes and personalized lists
    • Party inspiration for Bachelorette/Hens, Bridal Showers
    • Guidance to help your Bridesmaids get in the Maidchilla mindset
    • Helpful questions and tips to ensure smooth communication
    • *Each Maidchilla Manual comes with a complimentary
      'Will you be my Maidchilla gift card

A Maidchilla is a chilled Bridesmaid who isn’t fazed by dress drama, WhatsApp ghosting and inane power struggles.
Maidchillas are an elite group of uber friends, event planners, counselors and concierges who know that being a bridesmaid is about friendship and supporting their Bridechilla friend whenever they can.  

Inspired by the hit podcast Bridechilla, Bridesmaid Guide - Maidchilla Manual is an ideal gift for your Bridesmaids to get them into the Maidchilla mindset. It’s optimistic, ballsy and fun and will help Maidchillas get organized like a boss and stay focused on what matters most.