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Bridechilla Big Wedding Planning Pack

The Bridechilla Big Wedding Planning Pack is not only great value, but it's also an awesome engagement gift for couples and guaranteed fast track to becoming a Bridechilla or Groomchilla! 

The pack contains: 

The Bridechilla Survival Guide, The Bridechilla Field Guide, The Bridechilla Oh Sh*t Kit, Bridechilla Pencils, Happy Days Tote Bag.
Purchased separately = $109.50 USD
The Bridechilla Big wedding planning pack = $75.00

What is in the pack?
Field Guide - RRP $29.00
The Bridechilla Field Guide is the fill-out-able must-have for modern couples who want to organize like a boss and stay focused on what matters most.
Survival Guide - RRP $29.00
The Bridechilla Survival Guide banishes the bullshit and features real advice for real people on real budgets. The Bridechilla Survival Guide will free you from wedstress and the quest for perfection – which, btw, doesn’t exist!
Oh Sh*t Kit - RRP $27.00
The Bridechilla Oh Sh*t Kit is a complete day of wedding emergency pack that is filled with helpful items that will guarantee to get you out of any last-minute preparation jams.
Happy Days Tote  - RRP $19.00
Featuring Bridechilla host Aleisha's favorite well-wishing phrase, made of quality canvas it is the perfect receptacle for all of your wedding planning things, gym gear and bottles of wine. 
Happy Days Pencils - RRP $5.00
3 x pencils with gold foil text featuring Bridechilla's fav sayings,  HAPPY DAYS, FUCK PERFECT and CHILLA!

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