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Give The Gift of Wedding Planning Chill with Bridechilla

The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Guides are based on the hit podcast Bridechilla.
They are the ultimate engagement gift, giving your friends and loved ones
everything they need to plan their big day without stress and maintain their chill.

 Bridechilla GUIDE REVIEWS

Bridechilla Molly F

It's so great having a planning guide that's informative and helps keep you organized, but isn't full of bogus "rules" or judgement. This book keeps it real - it helps you plan the wedding YOU want to plan, without expecting you to adhere to a cookie-cutter standard.
Thank you Aleisha

Bridechilla Katie P

I am so glad I bought this when I did - right at the very beginning of my wedding planning. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you buy both the field and survival guide as they are the perfect combo. It's like I can hear Aleisha reading it. I can't wait 'til my friends get engaged so I can recommend the podcasts and books to them!

Bridechilla Kristin

The books are beautiful, colorful and full of great information. And the "Happy Days" tote bag is hanging up where I can see it daily and it is reminding me of Aleisha's positive Aussie attitude and helping me keep the spirit of happy days when the wedding planning stress tries to creep in. Love your podcast and now your books. 

The Bridechilla Guides are optimistic,
ballsy and fun and will help you get organized like a boss
and stay focused on what matters most.

The Bridechilla Guide Pack and Tote Bag, Bridechilla Survival Guide and Bridechilla Field Guide

Bridechilla Wedding Planning Books + Tote Pack

Whoever says wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding. Ditch the stress, pressure and obligation and be a Bridechilla! The Bridechilla Survival Guide, the complete wedding planning guide and our fill-out-able planner, The Bridechilla Field Guide will help you banish the bullsh*t and features real advice for real people on real budgets. Be the first to own the exclusive Bridechilla launch pack and save $30. Featuring The Bridechilla Survival Guide, The Bridechilla Field Guide and Happy Days Tote, it guaranteed fast track to being a Bridechilla!
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Meet bridechilla founder- aleisha

Whoever says that wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding.
Bridechilla is about banishing the bullshit and features real advice, for real people, on real budgets.
There are no promises of perfection and having the 'best day of your life' just solid information that will free you from wedstress and will help you get organized like a boss and focus on what matters the most. 
I release a new episode of the Bridechilla Podcast each week, which is packed full of valuable wedding planning help and features interviews and advice from wedding experts, planners and Bridechillas from all over the world. 
Get your Bridechilla on, subscribe to the show, join the Facebook community and start planning.



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