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Meet the Bridechilla Field Guide

The Bridechilla Field Guide

Get organized like a boss and stay focused on what matters most!


  • Helpful questions to ask all of your vendors

  • Comprehensive (no-stress) wedding planning checklist

  • Roomy design with plenty of space for notes and keeping track of all of your important wedding information

  • LGBTQ+ Friendly- inclusive for all couples!

    Bridechilla wedding planning guidance to help you know what to do when

Take the Bridechilla Field Guide with you to wedding appointments and keep track of all your plans and wedmin.

"A friend of mine just got engaged and after listening to some of the podcasts, I thought this would be perfect for her. She lives interstate, so it was a great little surprise in the mail. Would highly recommend as an engagement present."

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The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Field Guide

"It's so great having a planning guide that's informative and helps keep you organized, but isn't full of bogus "rules" or judgement.This book keeps it real - it helps you plan the wedding YOU want to plan, without expecting you to adhere to a cookie-cutter standard."

Molly F - Verified Purchase​


What started as an iTunes #1 podcast, Bridechilla, (which has had over 1 million listens) has expanded to become a complete wedding planning resource, with the Bridechilla Blog, Facebook Community and the winning wedding planning trio, The Bridechilla Guides. 

Most wedding planning guides on the market assume two things: that the bride wants to follow tradition and that they are marrying a man.After a conversation in the Bridechilla Community (our fabulous Facebook group) I was encouraged to fill this gap in the market.Capturing the ethos of the podcast,The Bridechilla Guides are bullshit-free, useful and fun.