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The FIB will change your wedding planning game

Sometimes it's the ideas that seem too simple, too easy to make any difference is the thing that you need to hear. 
That's how I feel about the FIB, the fuck it bucket. It's not only the most popular episode of the Bridechilla Wedding Planning Podcast EVER, but it is also featured in all of the Bridechilla wedding planning guides and is part of the Bridechilla Communities vernacular. 
When you get understand the power of the fuck it bucket, big things happen
Sounds too simple?
That's because it is.

The FIB can and will change your wedding planning game.

The FIB is like a big valve that releases wedding planning stress.  
It's all about giving yourself permission to not worry about the things that don't matter, even when the wedding magazines and Pinterest (and maybe your Mom) are saying that they do. 
The FIB is where you put all of the jobs, expectations, and things you thought where vital, like the stuff you needed to buy or do but have run out of time and energy to care. 
These items and tasks are things you thought would be necessary at the early stages of planning but now…bye! 👋🏼
Putting things in the FIB is one of the most cathartic and invigorating exercises ever.
Every week, I hear from Bridechillas who have embraced the FIB and it has changed not only their wedding planning but their lives. 

How does the FIB work?

Perhaps you are stressed about how much chair covers are potentially going to cost?
I'll let you in on a secret. No one cares about chair covers. No one is going to be leaving your wedding talking about the chairs. In my opinion they are giant, shiny, chair condoms that make NO difference to the enjoyment of your wedding. Why are you stressing about them? To the fuck it bucket they go!

Your Bridesmaids are arguing about which shoes to wear.
Are you ready for this? No one will be looking at your bridesmaid shoes. Unless one of them is wearing work boots or clown shoes, it doesn't matter. Pick a color range, pick a style and put that worry in the fuck it bucket and move on.🚮
Sound good?

Listen to the FIB Bridechilla Wedding Podcast Episode 

Bridechilla Founder Aleisha shares her favorite things to pt in the FIB 


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